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To foster and facilitate substance use disorder treatment by using measurable assessments and outcomes, establishing individualized goals, and implementing proven strategies that promote long-term recovery.


Riverwalk Ranch provides comprehensive and innovative substance use disorder treatment. This vision is executed by leadership, industry trends, proven outcome measures, team members, and, most importantly, the needs of the client.

We recognize addiction as a chronic disease and your recovery as a new way of life. We provide clients with an individualized and collaborative treatment plan during a full continuum of care and support. Our treatment goals and outcomes are designed to ensure you have the best opportunity to fully heal while learning and improving.

Accredited by The Joint Commission

The Joint Commission exemplifies our commitment in quality care and treatment plans throughout the recovery process. Riverwalk Ranch is committed to you and your personal journey throughout the full continuum of care and upon completion of the program with our aftercare services.

Our Staff

The Riverwalk Ranch leadership team understands that teams are built and supported in an environment where the expectations and the corporate culture are transparent, flexible, and the input of all staff members is valued. We recognize that each team member plays an integral role in team support, and in the lives of each client and employee that enters our facility. Our program takes a customer service approach to a therapeutic setting, and couples that with research, data, and outcomes.

Our Values

  • Live by Our Integrity
  • Focus on our clients
  • Deliver on our commitments
  • Respect individuals
  • Provide compassionate care
  • Actions are paramount for our clients

Our Operating Principles

  • Leadership is the ultimate determinant
  • Clinical quality is paramount
  • Focusing on a shared vision
  • Teamwork is a key component
  • Leverage and competitive advantage
  • Strategic thinking
  • Seizing opportunities
  • Medical and clinical echnology is vital
  • Maximizing client outcomes
  • Confidentiality of information


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