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When seeking help for a drug or alcohol problem, it is essential to decide on the right level of care. There are many factors to consider, including a diagnosis, previous treatment history, and availability on the patients part.

At Riverwalk Ranch, we know that not everyone can put their life on hold to complete a 30 day inpatient rehab. That is why we provide a flexible treatment program that utilizes the full spectrum of our evidence-based treatment in an intensive outpatient program.

At our treatment facilities in Dallas, Tx, we accommodate all of our clients personal and professional responsibilities. With flexible scheduling we can provide a more convenient alternative for receiving much needed treatment. This allows clients to to honor their commitments outside of rehab.

Clients come to our Dallas intensive outpatient rehab three to five days a week. They recieve therapies such as:

  • Cognitive-behavioral health therapy
  • Pharmacological therapy 
  • Family therapy
  • Life coaching

Our intensive outpatient program gives clients the accountability they need. While at the same time allowing for the opportunity to receive support from a community outside of rehab. We also encourage family participation to help heal the wounds that come with active addiction. Our family program at Riverwalk Ranch provides individual counseling sessions, group therapy, and life skill workshops.

The goal of our outpatient program is to give our clients a treatment plan that will result in long term recovery. We equip them for the task by helping them work through a 12-Step program. By going through the program they will learn accountability and relapse prevention. Skills that are necessary to break the cycle of addiction and live a sober and healthy life.

Intensive Outpatient Rehab for drugs and alcohol in dallas texas

What is an IOP?

An Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is designed for clients who do not require medical detox or 24-hour supervision. Unlike an inpatient treatment program, where patients are in the constant care of our addiction treatment counselors. An outpatient program is a treatment option that allows our clients to schedule theri recovery around other commitments.

Outpatient rehab is for people who suffer from drugs and alcohol addiction who life in a safe environment and have a family or peer support system. Ideal candidates live at home with family members who are supportive of their effort to get sober. A person with substance abuse who is prone to environmental triggers should not live with people who drink or do drugs. Instead, they should seek inpatient treatment of a sober living facility.

Dallas Texas Intensive Outpatient Program IOP Inpatient

Core Services

Intensive outpatient programs include treatment for drug and alcohol addiction and therapy sessions. Therapy encourages relapse prevention, and support the recovery process by providing community. Drug and alcohol treatment, such as medication management, teaches responsibility for one's actions. These services provide the foundation that is needed to achieve a successful recovery.  

Group Therapy: Provides the opportunity to develop communication skills by socializing with those who are also participating in the program. By partaking in support groups, the client creates a support group for themselves. It promotes structure and discipline in everyday activities and reinforces the healthy ways of interacting in a social environment. 

Individual Therapy:  Patients can benefit from a one-on-one session with a therapist in an IOP. Meeting without a group can help determine the problems that began the drug or alcohol addiction. It also provides insight into negative reactions that the patient has with specific triggers. By using cognitive behavioral therapy, the patient can learn how to change negative reactions to positive reactions. 

Medication Management: Treatment for drug and alcohol abuse will often include medication-assisted detox or rehab. In an outpatient program, patients learn how to manage their medication. By doing this, they learn responsibility and how to be accountable for their health.

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