What to Expect

Entering inpatient rehab might be one of the most important things you ever do. Though the experience might seem nerve wracking at first, knowing what to expect when you enter rehab at Riverwalk can make you feel more at ease.

Getting to Riverwalk

Riverwalk Ranch is located at:
6960 Dick Price Rd
Mansfield, TX 76063

You will find us on a sprawling ranch of more than 27 acres in northern Texas, where you can enjoy privacy and peace to focus on your recovery. We’re just 15 miles away from Fort Worth and 38 miles from Dallas. If you’re coming to Riverwalk by plane, the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is just 33 miles from our center.

Your First 24 Hours

Our kind and knowledgeable staff will be on hand to welcome you to Riverwalk upon your arrival. You will meet with an intake specialist who will create an appropriate care plan based on your situation, medical history, and goals for recovery. You may be asked to take a drug test so our medical staff can assess your detox needs and provide the most suitable treatment.

You will also meet your therapist for the first time and undergo psychiatric evaluation with the aim of creating a roadmap for your recovery. Your therapist will work with you and your case manager to outline a treatment plan for your stay.

As part of our intake process, we will inventory the items you brought with you to ensure that everything you have is permitted at Riverwalk. You can choose to secure any valuables, and you will be shown to your room and have the chance to settle.

It’s quite often necessary to begin medical detox right away. As part of our commitment to your safety, during the first 24 hours, your vitals will be monitored. If you are suffering from withdrawal symptoms, our experienced medical team will determine if medication-assisted treatment is appropriate for you.

On your first day, you may also have the opportunity to begin sessions with your therapist or attend a 12-step meeting with others at Riverwalk, depending on your needs.

What to Bring

You don’t have to overpack for rehab. Here are some items that you will benefit from bringing along with you.

  • Enough clothes for 7-10 days: You will be well-prepared for your stay if you bring about a week’s worth of weather-appropriate clothes. Laundry is done on site regularly to ensure that you always have clean clothes.
  • Prescription medications: All medications will be screened during intake, so they should remain in their original prescription bottles.
  • Personal documents: Please remember to bring your driver’s license, insurance card, and any other relevant personal documents.
  • Books: In lieu of digital entertainment, we encourage you to bring reading material that can assist in your recovery. This can help minimize harmful distractions and be relaxing.
What NOT to Bring to Rehab

As part of our intake procedures, staff will ensure that none of these items are in your personal belongings. To avoid having anything confiscated, you should not bring these to Riverwalk Ranch:

  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Cigarettes or vapes
  • Weapons of any kind
  • Outside food or drink

In addition to these forbidden items, we discourage you from bringing valuables to the center. We are not responsible for lost or stolen items.

A Typical Day in Rehab

A typical day will vary depending on your individual treatment plan. Generally, you can expect the day to be structured around several hours of individual and group therapy. You will also receive three nutritious meals per day that are specifically designed to be balanced and restore nutrients that may be missing from your diet as a result of your addiction.

If you’re starting with medical detox, a day in rehab will revolve around your safe elimination of substances. This includes monitoring of your vitals and taking medications that reduce uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. During detox, you may need additional time to rest.

When you’re further along in the rehab program, you will have at least six hours of therapy per day for five days a week. Individual therapy such as cognitive behavior therapy or individual counseling will typically be scheduled with your therapist. You will also have the choice to participate in group therapy sessions that include 12-Step meetings and Alcoholics Anonymous.

In your free time, we encourage you to engage in healthy habits such as working out, yoga, meditation, swimming, reading, or guided relaxation. You will spend some of your free time working on homework, which makes up a vital part of your engagement in rehabilitation.

Addiction Recovery at Riverwalk Ranch

At Riverwalk Ranch, we provide comprehensive addiction treatment services. Located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, our professionals use only effective treatments to help you safely and comfortably begin your journey toward recovery. Our facilities provide an encouraging and safe haven for rehab, surrounded by medical professionals, addiction specialists, and other like-minded individuals all working toward a healthier drug-free life.

If you or a loved one is suffering from addiction, don’t hesitate to contact our addiction treatment center today at (877) 863-3869. Whether you call Texas home or you’re looking for a fresh start in a new environment, Riverwalk Ranch can provide a therapeutic and supportive home for you. Everyone deserves a happy and healthy life free from addiction, and we are committed to helping you overcome your addiction in order to get you there.

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