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Best Drug Rehab In Texas

The drug and alcohol treatment options, along with just the overall substance abuse rates in Texas, are not considered to be anywhere near the more popular states across the country. Despite the low-risk addiction statistics in Texas, there are still a large number of residents who struggle with mental health and substance use disorders. In the year 2017, there were …

How to Break Up With a Drug Addict Drug addict

How to Break Up With a Drug Addict

Being in a relationship with an addict is no fairytale love story. Whether the problem is with alcohol abuse, or a substance use disorder, addiction treatment is vital. Maybe you have brought up treatment programs to your partner, but are not having any luck. Learning how to break up with a drug addict can be influential and help both of you …

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Alcohol Abuse & Pancreatitis

What Is The Pancreas? Located behind the stomach and in the back of the abdomen is a large gland that is referred to as the pancreas. Many of the body’s critical organs like the liver and brain rely on the pancreas to maintain balance in the blood sugar levels, so they are able to function correctly. This organ is known …

The Dangers of Alcohol and Pregnancy the dangers of alcohol and pregnancy

The Dangers of Alcohol and Pregnancy

Doctors all around the world tell women who are pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant to stop drinking altogether. Admittedly, this is the wisest advice one could offer a woman in such a situation. The types of risks that come with drinking even the slightest bit of alcohol during this time can lead to some horrible and often irreversible effects on the child.

A family's place in recovery

A Family’s Place in Recovery

If you have a loved one that is suffering from addiction, then you know that they are not the only ones who suffer. Addiction affects family and friends just as much as the addict. The person who is struggling with addiction must have the support of loved ones if they want their recovery to be successful. Recovery will be a …

An overview of the most addictive drugs

An Overview of the Most Addictive Drugs

Addiction is a brain disorder considered by the compulsion to keep looking for substance in spite of harmful consequences. When individuals routinely misuse drugs, they undergo changes in the brain that influence their self-control and their internal reward system. Some medicines are more addictive than others and can determine people to give up just all that’s effective to them so …

Opiod Antagonists

Everything You Should Know About Opioid Antagonists

Opioid antagonists are known for their ability to reverse the effects of opioid receptors. They are called receptor antagonists that block the receptors released from opioid intake, preventing the impact of opioids and endorphins on your brain. They are deemed useful in the treatment of opioid overdose and abuse. However, opioid antagonists are reported to produce enhanced analgesia of opioid …

Most Highly Addicted Industries

Careers Of The Highly-Addicted

As per the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, more than 9 % of American workers indulge in alcohol and drug abuse. Substance abuse is directly linked with disturbed productivity and increased rates of illness.  Studies show that a higher number of men get into misuse of drugs than women; younger adults indulge in drug abuse a lot more …

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The Benefits of 12-Steps Programs In Addiction Recovery

What Is A 12-Step Program? Somewhere in the 1930s, there was a man by the name Bill W. He was seeking withdrawal help from his severe alcohol dependency problem. After he became a member of the fellowship, he was able to achieve sobriety. However, there was another alcohol addict by the name of Dr. Bob S., who was not able …

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Ten Things You Can Be Grateful For

In the last 15 years, advancements in technology have changed the nature of our jobs and the shape of our routine daily life ultimately. We have seen how social media has found its way to the center of our social fabric. All of this has made our life dense and fast-moving. Because of this, we are always moving ahead in …