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Start your road to recovery in Dallas, Texas on our 27-acre ranch filled with luxurious amenities to help you focus on sober living. Riverwalk’s Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center has premiere Addiction Treatment to complement our relaxing facility.

At Riverwalk, we offer comprehensive Drug and Alcohol Treatment Services personalized to each patient. These services address mental health issues that pair with alcohol and drug abuse.

We do everything to make our Treatment Center a sanctuary for our patients. Riverwalk’s recovery programs include detox, inpatient rehab (residential rehab), partial hospitalization, and outpatient services for alcohol, heroin, cocaine, meth, and other substances.

Comforting one another through addiction treatment

Our Addiction Treatment Programs

Riverwalk’s Dallas Drug Rehabilitation Center offers four different types of programs to help people get sober. They are intended to work in progression, though we adjust to patients’ desires to accommodate them accordingly.

Our standard structure for treating substance abuse is as follows:

Detox: The initial stage of addiction treatment is detoxifying one’s body of drugs and alcohol. This part of the recovery can be accompanied by dangerous withdrawal symptoms. Because of this unfortunate fact, most medical professionals will advise detox to be done with supervision.

Riverwalk’s specialists will make sure all psychiatric and physical experiences throughout withdrawal are cared for appropriately. This care will include emotional and physical support, potentially using medicines to alleviate symptoms.

Inpatient Rehab: After detox is when patients begin genuinely building their framework for a successfully recovered life. During the first 30 to 90 days sober, cravings for drugs and alcohol can still be intense. Being able to focus attention on constructive and productive thoughts during this stage can make the difference between relapse and long-term recovery.

Patients at our residential inpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Dallas can keep their minds occupied with many different enjoyable activities. Our gym, garden, fishing pond, pool, trails, athletic facilities, game room, and movie theater all provide entertainment value to all walks of life.

Along with “me-time,” patients participate in complete-care therapy services. These services include various different psychotherapies in both individual and group settings. These services are all designed to cater to each individual’s circumstances and mental health issues.

Partial Hospitalization: Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is a part-time treatment that follows an inpatient stay. It can be thought of as a step down from inpatient rehab and step up from outpatient treatment. In some circumstances, PHP can be an alternative to complete inpatient treatment.

During PHP, patients attend our addiction treatment center for six hours a day, five days a week. While the patient is with us, they undergo all the same treatments given during inpatient rehab including individual and group therapy. The patient will go home at the end of the day.

Outpatient Rehab: Intensive outpatient addiction treatment is a flexible alcohol and drug rehab option. During outpatient rehab, patients make their schedules and come two to three times a week for a few hours at a time. Patients are also asked to attend self-help 12-step meetings like Alcohols Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.

At this final stage, patients have learned accountability, life skills, and relapse preventative measures. Having patients attending outpatient rehab strengthens these skills, keeping their mind on the prize — a happy sober recovered lifestyle.

Our Addiction Treatment Services

When you arrive at Riverwalk Ranch's Rehab Center in Dallas, you’ll undergo a comprehensive medical and psychological evaluation. We will look at your substance abuse history, co-occurring and dual diagnosis mental health disorders, as well as ongoing medical issues. This initial assessment ensures that you receive customized care to effectively address your needs.

Throughout our services, you will work with a primary therapist and team to develop an effective treatment plan that best suits you. This plan will focus on your strengths, shortcomings, preferences, and rehabilitation needs.

Your customized treatment services are revisited throughout the program stay. We will continue to look at your treatment progression to make sure your level of care is still clinically appropriate.

As part of the treatment options, the client may participate in any number of these recovery services:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Work one on one with a primary therapist to learn to recognize and correct harmful behaviors.
  • Motivational Interviewing (MI): Advocates for self-motivation while instilling acceptance and confidence.
  • Motivational Enhancement Therapy (MET): An adaptation of MI using four time-limited sessions to explore motivation in the light of feedback.
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT): An adaptation of CBT which establishes a positive relationship between the therapist and client through gentleness, interest, validation and an easy attitude.
  • Traumatic Incident Reduction Therapy (TIR): A procedure that desensitizes painful experiences, helping one overcome the negative impact of traumatic events.
  • Relapse Prevention: Learn tools to maintain long-term recovery.
  • Medication Management: A detailed plan for continuous medicinal use that accounts for one's history of medication usage.
  • Reality and Solution-Based Therapy: A type of therapy that places more importance accepting reality and providing solutions rather than a heavy focus on problems.
  • Psychoeducation: Helping patients learn about mental health conditions and co-occurring disorders to help them get a better understanding of themselves and others around them.
  • EMDR: A type of therapy that asks the patient to recall distressing images while doing simple eye movement exercises to distract from emotional pain.
  • Neurofeedback/Biofeedback: A way for our experts to visualize your neurological activity and physiological processes, with which we can see how one reacts to certain stimulus.

Additional Services

Our board-certified Psychiatrists will assess and determine placement into our programs. All clients will have access to:

  1. Medical Services: Our onsite Medical team is there to address any concerns at every moment.
  2. Medication Management and Education: Individual and group education performed by qualified staff.
  3. Interactive journaling exercises: Express and explores past traumas and motivations.
  4. Life coaching: Build skills that are applicable in real-world situations.
  5. Psychoeducation: Learn about co-occurring mental health disorders and their treatment.
  6. Mindfulness exercises: Learn to monitor one’s own behaviors.
  7. Trauma-informed groups: Delve into the underlying causes of addiction.
  8. Gender-based therapy groups: Address the gender-based issues one encounters during recovery.
  9. Discharge Planning and follow through: Our clinical team will start the discharge planning process on the first day of admission. We will work to establish the best plan to safeguard and maintain the work put in during your treatment.
  10. Relapse Management: Medical education on Vivitrol and naltrexone for continued recovery.
  11. Optional 12-Step programs: A regimented approach to recovery which benefits those in need of a 12-step program.

Get Addiction Treatment in Dallas Today

The Addiction Treatment Programs at our Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Dallas are designed to benefit your growth and lead to a successful recovery. With each one, you will find a supportive and safe environment. We will provide the tools you need to achieve your goals. Treating your substance use disorder the right way is the key to preventing relapse. You can begin living a healthy and fulfilling life.

While going through recovery can be difficult, it is worth it in the long run. With your family members and friends supporting you, you have the ability to take control of your life and get the help you need.

Take the first step towards your freedom and contact Riverwalk Ranch's Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Dallas, Texas today.



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