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Whether you've come here looking to help yourself or a loved one, Riverwalk Ranch is here to help. Our Dallas Drug and Alcohol Rehab has helped many recover from addiction and we'd love to help many more.

Our rehab center is well-equipped with all the medications and amenities needed to help our patients through a safe and comfortable detox. While it's generally understood that rehabilitation can help people quit their drug and alcohol habits, the importance of a proper detox is less-known.

Read further to see if a medical detox is recommended for you.

When is Detox Necessary?

Detox becomes necessary when an addict or alcoholic becomes physically dependent upon a substance. If at any time they choose to stop using the said substance, then they could begin to experience withdrawal symptoms. Detox minimizes the symptoms of drug and alcohol withdrawal and maintains the patient's physical well being. The symptoms of the withdrawal process depend on the substance the patient used and how long they have been using. Riverwalk Ranch rehab center located in Dallas, Tx offers treatment services that focus on creating a safe environment for patients.

During medical detox, the patient's vital signs and emotional stability are monitored to ensure that they will not suffer any harm. Patients that have been chronically and heavily using opioids, alcohol, or benzodiazepines should always undergo a medically supervised detox. A medical professional should be present throughout the process to treat any adverse reactions that the patient might encounter. During this period, medication is often necessary to manage the more severe symptoms of withdrawal.

Dallas Texas Medical Detox

Medications used in Detox

Upon admittance to our medical detox program, our addiction treatment clinicians will perform a comprehensive evaluation. This process will help to determine the needs of each patient. The purpose of this is to create a detox plan tailored to the specific physical and psychological necessities of the patient. Our clinicians will discern what drugs have been used and to what extent, as well as if the patient has a co-occurring mental disorder. These psychological disorders may or may not have been previously diagnosed or medicated by a psychiatrist.

In some cases, medication will be given to help treat these symptoms. Aside from psychiatric drugs, other medicines may be employed to ease withdrawal symptoms or decrease cravings. These are administered on a case by case basis. Some of the most common detox medications include:

  • Naltrexone - This is an FDA-approved medication that is used to treat patients with alcohol or opioid addictions.  Naltrexone is an opioid antagonist that blocks the effects of opioids in the brain.  This nullifies the euphoric effects of opiates and also decreases cravings for opioids and alcohol.
  • Suboxone - Since 2002, Suboxone has been approved by the FDA to treat opioid addiction.  Similar to methadone, this medication is used to treat opiate withdrawal symptoms.  However, it carries less addiction and overdose risk than methadone.
  • Vivitrol - This is a long-lasting injection that contains the same active ingredients as Naltrexone. As opposed to the daily oral dosage of Naltrexone, Vivitrol injections last a month help to establish long-term abstinence from opiate and alcohol abuse.

Dallas Drug and Alcohol Detox

Our Medical Detox Program

Our medically monitored withdrawal management program provides 24-hour nursing care with a physician on-site to handle significant problems. Psychological counseling is also available 16 hours a day. Clients of our Dallas Texas detox center often had a recent history of withdrawal management at a less intensive level of care. However, they were unable to complete the process or enter into continuing addiction treatment.

Riverwalk Ranch is the perfect setting for those who require substance abuse treatment. Those who have emotional, behavioral, or cognitive problems may require inpatient treatment, which we can provide. Patients who struggle with addiction and come to our medical center receive integrative medical care in a safe, home-like environment. Our prescribing doctors' aim to keep our clients as comfortable as possible during their detox.

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