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It's not rare that people fall victim to substance abuse when given prescription medication. It can affect anyone from young adults to adults. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, there were 8.76 million people in the United States that abused prescription medicine. This misuse of drugs and prescription medication is a serious problem nationwide that could be affecting you or your loved one.

Continue reading to learn about the concerns of prescription drug abuse and how you or your loved one can receive treatment at Riverwalk Ranch in Dallas.

Evergrowing Concerns of Prescription Drug Abuse

In recent years, the National Institute on Drug Abuse has reported that an estimated 52 million individuals over the age of 12 in the United States have used some form of prescription medications recreationally. This is a substantial amount of people using these specialized medicines for nonmedical purposes at one point or another in their lives.

Because of the addictive nature of many of these substances, many of these people find themselves struggling with drug addiction before they realize it. This is unfortunate because of the vast majority of great things that these prescription medications can do, such as treating diseases and the many discomforts that come with these illnesses.

People sometimes underestimate the strengths of these medications and sometimes become addicted even while having their doctor prescribe them appropriately. For example, many people receive different levels of care for controlling long-term pain. When the medications are suddenly stopped, severe discomforts may occur, and the individual's mental health could also be affected. For this example alone, health care professionals have several practices to keep helping with pain management while trying to avoid a dependency and, ultimately, an addiction treatment program.

A few of these alternatives treatment options that today's licensed physicians implement include:

  • Using acupuncture and other Eastern medicine techniques to manage pain
  • Encouraging to use heat, ice, and other stretching techniques to control pain symptoms
  • Finding alternative euphoric painkiller medications to use, such as Advil or Tylenol
  • Appropriate coaching and instruction on how to use breathing exercises and other forms of meditation

The majority of individuals who develop an alcohol and drug addiction do not realize that the exact moment for taking the medications suddenly shifts from proper use to a harmful use disorder. Certified prescription drug addiction treatments in Dallas, like the evidence-based practices used by the addiction specialists at Riverwalk Ranch rehab center, have been able to provide the best suitable treatment plans for patients coming from all backgrounds.

Our addiction treatment center in Dallas, TX, includes healthy and safe detox programs, followed by inpatient and intensive outpatient programs. Many optional behavioral therapies and support group options are also readily available that are designed to significantly increase the probability of successfully overcoming their drug or alcohol addiction.

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Warning Signs and Symptoms of Prescription Drug Abuse

Learning to recognize some of the common warning signs that occur when an individual may be abusing their prescription medications could save the user a great deal of suffering, attend substance abuse treatment programs, and even fatal side effects. Industry professionals have explained that a couple of the more frequently seen warning signs that typically indicate excessive prescription drug uses include:

  • Lack of responsibility and failing to meet daily duties
    When paying attention to it, it should be reasonably easy to see when you have a close friend or family member that struggles to keep up with their obligations and dealings with other people. Significant life events, inability to set aside appropriate amounts of time to spend with their children, and failing to meet work requirements are behaviors that those struggling with prescription drug addictions may exhibit.
  • Frequently seen expressing moderate to severe mood inconsistencies
    Mood swings and other irregularities are often seen as daily problems when trying to live with an addiction to prescription medications. These types of issues associated with someone's mood and behaviors are repeatedly seen as linked to co-occurring mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression.
  • Repeatedly changing daily routines and priorities
    Significant changes to an individual's routines and the orders in which tasks and other essential responsibilities are completed are additional examples of how even paying attention a little bit can make many warning signs like this visible. A few other apparent indicators maybe if they are sleeping in much longer than usual or frequently going to great lengths to hide information.

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How Can Rehab Centers Help With Prescription Drug Addictions?

Specialized rehab facilities that offer certified addiction treatment programs like the prescription drug rehab options available at Riverwalk Ranch in Dallas have the unique ability to help patients overcome their abusive habit.

All of us here strive every day to encourage those who are or that know of someone who is struggling with prescription drug abuse to make that decision to get the treatment they need. The truth of the matter is that small amounts of people across the country few people take advantage of or that even know about the significant amounts of support and guidance provided when entering an addiction treatment center.

Addictions to a prescription painkiller medication certainly do not need to be a permanent aspect of anyone's life. With the appropriate help and continuing health care support options, learning to control and avoid these harmful substance use habits can be managed and maintained. The long-term health and safety of each and every one of our patients is the absolute highest priority to our entire staff.

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