traveling out of town for addiction treatment

Reasons to Travel Out of Town for Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment centers are available nationwide, so it’s likely that there are suitable rehab facilities nearby. Despite that, many people choose to travel out of town for addiction treatment instead of opting for a convenient option nearby. The drive to get a fresh start in a new place can be very motivating in the journey toward long-term recovery. These are a few of the reasons why. 

A change of scenery can help break bad habits

Addiction can be perpetuated by routine. Being in the same environment or around negative influences can maintain toxic patterns of substance abuse. Sometimes the best way to break these maladaptive habits is to get a change of scenery, which is why traveling out of town for addiction treatment may be useful for recovery. Inpatient treatment can inspire new interests or hobbies that can replace self-destructive behaviors after treatment. 

It helps immerse you in a supportive environment

A toxic home environment can be a major hindrance to long-term recovery. By traveling out of town for recovery, you can gain a new perspective away from the struggles of home. In a rehabilitation center, you are surrounded by professionals committed to your recovery along with peers who can provide a supportive social system. 

In addition, many people feel more comfortable delving into their addiction when they’re surrounded by people that are not in any way connected to their home life. An out-of-town addiction treatment center can provide a sense of privacy and anonymity, giving you peace of mind that is conducive to long-term success in the program. 

It shows your commitment to the program

Seeking treatment far from home can be beneficial because it makes it more difficult to quit the program, and thus makes it more likely that you’ll succeed in achieving long-term sobriety. Traveling a long distance to get treatment reduces the temptation to leave the facility to see friends and family or simply return home. At the right out-of-town facility, you can make a commitment to staying in treatment for as long as you actually need to. 

It eliminates distractions

Addiction treatment often requires total focus on your substance use and mental health. Inpatient treatment provides the perfect setting away from the stress and distractions of home to focus on yourself and your recovery. The rehab environment is one that emphasizes self-care and overall wellbeing, and eliminating the possibility to fall back on regular patterns back home can help you focus on these goals. 

It represents a new beginning

For many, starting addiction treatment represents an important step in a new healthy beginning. In a completely different environment than what you’re used to, you might find it easier to leave your old habits behind and start anew with a novel perspective and renewed focus on sobriety. Creating a fresh start in a different city or state can help put you in the right mindset to begin a new healthier chapter in your life. 

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